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essence of natural beauty

essence of natural beauty

essence of natural beauty

Unwind and destress in a tastefully-designed oasis of serenity at Artha, the in-house spa. Our signature wellness services are designed to rejuvenate, detox, nourish, nurture, and heal. Luxuriate in a wide choice of indulgent body rituals for your holistic wellbeing.

Our Spa Menu

Artha offers an exquisite range of enlivening holistic therapies to rejuvenate and rekindle the body and soul.

Holistic therapies

Treatment that blends the goodness of reflexology and aromatherapy, ensuring deep relaxation.

Facial / Face Care

An invigorating facial routine that brightens and replenishes the skin with essential minerals.

Head Massage

A bespoke experience that induces sleep and restores the harmony of the mind.

Scalp Massage

Deeply repairing, invigorating, and relaxing, experience the gentle finger strokes that eliminate stress.

Body Treatment

Indulge in a holistic experience designed to heal and detoxify the body and mind.

Shoulder Massage

A deep massage using the intense pressure point technique to release chronic muscle tension.

Swedish Massage

Enjoy the wonders of rhythmic and kneading strokes to rule out muscle tension.

Massage Therapy for Rest & Relaxation

Massage Therapy for Rest & Relaxation

Our Special Offers

  • Achieve a new-found balance with invigorating massages
  • A deep muscular massage or Vishrama for intense relaxation
  • Indulge in the luxe experience of warmly cocooned herb wraps
  • Enjoy fine exfoliation and feel cleansed and revived
  • Set the mood for peerless indulgence with an aromatic footbath
  • Restore your inner peace with a lavish and signature head massage

Feel The Nature




Luxuriate, rejuvenate, and feel one with nature in a resplendent property, as pretty as a picture.