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Experience Kumaon’s scenic surroundings, Corbett’s primordial, iconic, and time-kissed landmarks and the hidden gems with us.

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in the Hills

You certainly do not have to be an adrenaline junkie to feel the thrills of cruising through the dense wild.

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Pander to Mukteshwar's

Elated Beauty

Indulge in uninterrupted delight while enveloped by spectacular sights revitalizing the mind and body.

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Perfect Kumaon


Welcome to an enthralling retreat! Uncover the awe-inspiring hidden secrets tucked away amidst the mist-shrouded hillscapes of the Kumaon. Luxuriate in serenity, wander through a lush land of stunning flora and fauna, and marvel at the breathtaking sunsets. Descend into the pleasures of signature hospitality and holistic experiences in the heart of nature.

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Alive With Your Style of Living

Make happy memories with your loved ones in charming and lavish rooms, bedecked with classy interiors and rustic wooden furnishings.

The Flavours Of Kumaon

Enjoy the luscious flavours of the simple and nutritious Kumaon cuisine, whipped up using the finest organic produce from the hamlets and farms of the valley.

Thrilling Night Expeditions

Indulge in a riveting wildlife adventure as you voyage through the dense dark forests of the tiger conservation area. Spot rare wildlife in the darkest hours.

Cruise across the azure lake

Wallow in the joys of boating in the unsullied waters of the great Bhimtal Lake, surrounded by the picturesque Himalayan heights and green terrains.

Camping - A Venture In The Wild

Wallow in a sweet bonding time with your dear ones over folklore, new learning, and hearty laughs. Reminisce about the joys of camping in a picturesque setting.

A Trek In The Woods

Witness the magnificence of nature as you plod through the dewy forest floors. Deciduous trees, the droning buzz of insects, and the lingering petrichor spell magic.

A Drive To The Soaring Himalayas

Catching a sight of the Royal Bengal tiger is certainly spine-chilling. What’s no less bewildering are the breathtaking Himalayas, standing like sentinels of snow.


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Experience the delicious flavours of freshly prepared food, rustled up using the finest organic ingredients blooming in our very own organic garden.


Tour around the scenic locales like the Garjia temple, Corbett waterfalls, Kosi river, and the picturesque Kumaon range for a pleasurable experience.


Bring home the heart-warming experiences and memories you cherish in your journey. Explore the best of adventures and solace in the lap of luxury.


Give way to a thrilling adventurous affair and explore rare wildlife. We arrange safaris and rides for an invigorating experience.


A holiday in the magnificent jungles of Corbett is an unforgettable experience. Discover fascinating landscapes, nature, and opulence right here.


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“A healing touch from our expert therapists will lead you to reconnect with nature and yourself.”



For which we thank our guests and our people.



Luxuriate, rejuvenate, and feel one with nature in a resplendent property, as pretty as a picture.